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Chicken Rendang Recipe

How to Cook Rendang Chicken

I have an awesome Beef Rendang recipe I learned from a local. The balance and depth of flavors of rendang is really remarkable considering it doesn’t contain all that many ingredients, but it does have one major drawback: it literally takes hours to make. I wanted to see if I could make a rendang with as much flavor as the original, that comes together faster, and with less steps. The first thing I did was swap chicken in for beef, as chicken will become fork-tender much faster …

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Fresh Ingredient

Asian Cooking: How to?

There’s nothing like that moment when you taste an Asian dish you made at home and pump your fist in the air because it tastes just like take-out! It’s not hard to get that authentic flavor; all it takes are the right ingredients. Fully stocking an Asian pantry can seem intimidating, but with just 15 basic ingredients, you can make a wide variety of recipes from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond. Note: this list doesn’t cover ingredients for Indian cooking; for that, check out our guide …

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